Albert’s Steampunk Dreams

Image of Albert's Steampunk Dreams, April 2020.
Albert’s Steampunk Dreams, April 2020

I was selected to work with the otters by Topeka Zoo for their 2020 Roar and Pour fundraiser. Albert created some fantastic paw prints for me to work with and incorporate into the art work. Here is the final completed artwork, which is now delivered to the Zoo in anticipation of the Live Auction and event on April 25, 2020 at 6 pm. Hop on and join us for the excitement on the Friends of Topeka Zoo Facebook page!

In this first video, we go behind the scenes with Albert, his brother Tony, and their keepers, Shanna and Tracy. Watch as Albert creates his paw prints!

In this second video, watch as I incorporated Albert’s many paw prints into his dream work titled ‘Albert’s Steampunk Dreams’.

By Michaela Butterworth

Mixed media artist and teacher. Owner of Teal Hare Creations studio. TCW International Design Team 2020-22.

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