Mystery Masterboard Series


Did you see my latest blog post today over on The Crafter’s Workshop blog page? It’s all about how to create 6 card backgrounds in 30 minutes or less! A great efficiency tip for working smarter, not harder. As for the mystery, I guess you’ll have to go and check it out to see what that was all about! Happy reading!

Mixed media card 6″ x 4″ on cardstock

No time to read the step-by-step instructions on the blog post? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Watch this quick fly-by process video over on my YouTube channel:

Fly-by process video for mixed-media Mystery Masterboard Series (41 sec).

Happy creating and happy day! Thanks as always for following me.

By Michaela Butterworth

Mixed media artist and teacher. Owner of Teal Hare Creations studio. TCW International Design Team 2020-22.

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